Military history research

World War I -

They are looking for information about the military life of their ancestors, who lived in the former k.(u).k. Army, especially in the Tyrolean units, especially Tyrolean Kaiserjäger, whether World War I or earlier?

In a scientifically prepared database comprising more than 22,500 men, the fates of Tyrolean imperial hunters who became victims of the Great War between 1914-1920 can be researched. --> Click here for "We won't forget you!"

Research on former members of the four Tyrolean Kaiserjäger regiments, the Landesschützen (from 1917 Kaiserschützen), Artillery and Standschützen, as well as the German Wehrmacht is gladly carried out and is in any case subject to a fee.

Of course we also search for members of other military units.

War diaries are translated into today's writing.